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The Vex Offensive Final Assault Event starts today! There is some mystery around this event but we know that it will involve the Undying Mind. Yes, we already killed the Undying Mind but it's back in Destiny 2. Ikora has been building a Vex Teleporter in the tower so that we can go and kill the Undying Mind in every single timeline.....I think. I actually think killing the Undying Mind is going to screw things up even more. O well, might as well shoot some stuff at it and see what happens. The Vex Offensive Final Assault is one of the last things that will be added in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep. So make sure you take part in it so you can get the Undying Title and Seal complete. You'll need to kill the Undying mind 3 times and a whole host of other things. I suspect this new Destiny 2 Event will have us going back to the same spot we killed the Undying Mind in Destiny 1....but we shall see. It might just make the Undying Mind the boss of the Vex Offensive, I hope there more to it than just that. Anyways I'll be going over and doing everything involved with the Vex Offensive Final Assault

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