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Destiny 2 - Unlocking Izanami Forge & Secret Black Armory Key

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THE DARKNESS IS INSIDE --------------------


How To Open Izanami Forge

Killing Vex on Nessus will get you the first item that sparks the quest

You will then be tasked with killing Vex on Nessus, 100 of them

You then have to do a Heroic Spire Integration but only the one in the Hallows 

You then have to hunt down 20 Minotaurs on Nessus

then have to do an actual mission

return to Ada-1

Then you have to do three more heroic public events, including, you guessed it, Spire Integration. You also have to do Witches Ritual and Ether Resupply.

Then you have to get blight material from Lost Sectors on Io which I did by running through one five times

Fallen headshot multikills which I did in a Tangled Shore Lost Sector.
mission on Nessus at 630 
Then you have to go to Volundr Forge to fully fix the igniter
Show the lighter to Ada-1
a 630 version of Insight Terminus 
Back to the Izanami Forge for a 630 mission
Then go back to Ada-1 

You can also start grinding for Le Monarque, an exotic bow thats new to the Black armory. It has a small chance to drop from Izanami Forge Ignitions

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