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This week in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, there are some new things going on, Ikora has a surprise for us in the Tower.....she's building a Vex Gate! She's building the Gate to hopefully finally defeat the Undying Mind. This week, we can do Legend Nightmare Hunts, we can play a new Nightmare Hunt Servitude. In the Nightmare Hunt Servitude we face up against Zydron the Gate Lord. He'll drop the Essence of Servitude so we can go and quest for the new Shadowkeep weapon called Dream Breaker. Dream Breaker is a new adaptive frame Fusion Rifle. 

The Nightfall this week the Insight Terminus. Tess is selling the Exotic Ghost Shell The Lander Shell, as well as the Invasive Species Sparrow. Iron Banner is back, and with it there is some new Season of the Undying Iron Banner Armor, we'll have to complete the Iron Banner quest called Scour The Rust before we can turn in Iron Banner token to get the new armor. 

Eris Morn has a new quest for us called Memory of Toland, the Shattered. To complete it, we have to kill the Trove Guardian. The Trove Guardian is in either the Anchor of Light or Archers Line. Afterwards, we have to get 35 kills with hive ritual swords in public events. The easiest way to do this is to do the public event 'Warsat Down' in the Anchor of Light.

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