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The Vex Offensive is a new event / activity in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, it's a ton of fun too! You'll face off against hordes of invading Vex who are trying to take over the moon. It's your job to stop them, but your effort wont go unnoticed. You'll be able to earn near Shadowkeep Weapons and new Shadowkeep Armor too. The new Shadowkeep Vex Offensive armor looks pretty cool too, very sleek and shiny. Like a bright, newly....born...made vex! The Vex Offensive is a new 6 player activity in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, similar to how The Menagerie allowed 6 person match making. The Vex Offensive takes place when the new Shadowkeep raid opens up, the Vex are invading from the Black Garden and it's our job to stop them in both he Vex Offensive on the Moon and in the Raid The Garden of Salvation. Hopefully, the Vex Offensive and the Garden of Salvation Raid will touch on some more Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Story elements. They left us with such a big teaser at the end of the campaign, tell me more Destiny - I need to know whats going on lol!

To Start getting into the Vex Offensive, talk to Ikora. She'll give you the quest called Vex Invasion. You'll need to kill 100 vex on the moon and 3 Gate Lords. The Vex and Gate Lords spawn randomly, so keep searching around the surface of the moon, don't give up! It might feel like you're doing something wrong, but the spawns are just rare and unpredictable. After you kill the Vex, head to Eris Morn, she'll give you the quest portion Eyes on The Moon. Now we can go into the Vex Offensive! When you're there, take a good look around, it's beautiful! There are three floors, and three opportunities for new Vex Offensive Weapons and Armor. On the First on second floor, kill vex quickly until you reach 100%. After that, special glowing Vex will spawn, kill them and collect the Void Cannon which drops. Use this Void Cannon to destory the Crystals that spawn. Do this on the first and second floor. On the third, it's boss time! The boss I faced was a big minotaur, he has an immune shield which can only be destroyed with the Void Cannons. Drag him or follow him to a Vex plate and the special vex will spawn that drop the Void Cannons. Destroy his Shield then destroy him! I managed to find Optative, the new Vex Offensive Hand Cannon, the new Vex Offensive Pulse Rifle Adhortative, the New Vex Offensive Sub Machine Gun Subjuntive and a Vex Offensive Armor piece! Get inside ASAP, it's a ton of fun.

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