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DESTINY 2 Black Armory Volundr Forge Complete!

#destiny2 #destiny2forsaken #blackarmory

What's up guys! We did it! After a few more attempts and a few more light levels, it's done. The forge is complete. I highly suggest retrying to forge at light level 607 if you have failed before. The 'Sword' Icon on the mobs will be lifted in the first round and you will do a ton more damage/take much less. We ran with 2 hunters and 1 warlock. The warlock used Well of Radiance, the hunters used Blade Barrage and Tether. 

We found staying the cave system to the right made the encounter a lot easier due to cover and focus fire. I'd suggest focusing on the blue elites and then clearing the white mobs afterwards. Add control is very important, however, you get 3-6 seconds back on the clock after killing a blue elite. Taking them out also provides the Radiant Batteries you need.

After completing the first two rounds, the boss appears. Head to the left pf the forge to the open ended area. Destroy the orbs around him to remove his shield and then buff/debuff him as much as possible.....unleash hell.....profit. 

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