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DESTINY 2 BLACK ARMORY SECRETS - Forge Secrets, Box Key and The Ringing Nail

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Hey guys, today im going to show you some Vulundr Forge secrets in Destiny 2 Forsaken Black Armory. To start unlocking the Mysterious box, what you need to do it destroy 2 small drones which appear in between rounds 1 and 2 of Volundr Forge. They're located on the left side, near the three trees and the right near the stalagmites. When you destroy both, you get the  Maximum Temper buff. This lets you know that you've done it right. When you beat the boss, there is a chest behind the forge. The Black Armory Key is inside that. Afterwards, I review The Ringing Nail. It's the Black Armory Auto Rifle.

I also show some hidden icons and symbols inside the forge location. What do you think all the symbols will lead up to?

Destiny 2 Forsaken
Black Armory
Destiny 2 Black Armor
Mysterious Box Key
The Ringing Nail

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