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Some of these new Season of the Worthy Mods in Destiny 2 are absolutely insane. The Warmind Cells are really OP, especially if you stack other seasonal mods, seventh seraph weapons and artifact mods. One of my favorites builds in season of the worthy is using mid tree storm caller with a Seventh Seraph weapon. Pair that with Verity's Brow (btw, Verity's Brow has been buffed! It's new ability /perk is better than ever) . I then pair these with the season of the worthy artifact mod called Tyrant's Surge. Tyrant's Surge causes a Warmind Cell to generate when dealing arc melee, grenade or super damage. You can then pair this with three different warming mods. Those mods are Burning Cells. Burning Cells will cause a Warmind Cell to explode, pair that with Rage of the Warmind (more solar damage from Warmind cell explosions ) and lastly, Wrath of Rasputin (solar splash damage may trigger a warming cell to generate) . The combination is insane! If you're not a Warlock, you could use this same build with a Titan. Just swap out Verit's Brow with An Insurmountable Skullfort. If you're a Hunter, you could use Shinobu's Vow. I highly encourage anyone to go out and farm these mods so you an build like this too. O and you get get the season of the worthy mods, the warming mods - by opening a warming chest with an encrypted warming bit, or by leveling up your warming bunkers.

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