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DESTINY 2 - Weekly Reset January 8th 2019, Niobe Labs Incoming!

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Niobe Labs Entrance
------------ ------------------

The entrance to Niobe Labs is in Sojourner Camp, its south of the Outskirts in the EDZ. Basically, go almost as far south as you can, you'll see a small cave opening


Whats up guys?! This weekly reset for January 8th 2019, the flashpoint is on mercury and atm the heroic mission is 'The Up and Up'. The Nightfalls are Tree of Probability, Savathuns Song and A Garden World. Ada-1 has her usual bounties, though this may change when Niobe Labs is opened. 

Tess is selling Belvedere for the Prospector, Neon Helix Shell. When you turn in A Prismatic Matrix, you could get Sanctum Plate Shell or Augmented Wish, for the Young Ahamkara's Spine.

It's a Full curse week at the Dreaming City, so Petra Venj is in Rheasilva. The Acendant Challenge is located in Aphelion's Rest.

Niobe Labs will take a full fireteam to unlock, and according to Bungie once one team opens it, it will be available for everyone. I'll be posting an other video when it happens on all the details. You will however, need the black armory bow - the Spiteful Fang, the sniper rifle Tatara Gaze and Hammerhead the machine gun.

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