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Destiny 2 - Xur Location December 28th, Stryker's Sure Hand God Roll, Iron Banner Triple Valor

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Xur's Face Reveal!
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Whats going on guardians?! Today, December 28th, Xur arrived on Titan, take the fast travel to the rig. He's near the center inside a building. Xur is selling fated engrams of course - which i received  Prometheus Lens from. He is also selling D.A.R.C.I. , The Stag, Ophidia Spathe, and Ashen Wake. 

I also discuss the new Black Armory Weapon Frame, the Stryker's Sure Hand. This sword can roll with the new Black Armory perk called Surrounded. Surrounded will increase your damage depending on the amount of enemies around you. You can pair this with a Surrounded Spec mod and other buffs to do 100K+ per R2 attack. This is a must for an sword lover, a true god roll capable of dealing damage with the big boys. 

Also, the Iron Banner is up again, if you're not 650 yet - grab the bounties from Lord Saladin. Each one will give you a powerful engram, don't miss out! It's also a Valor weekend, this means you'll get 3times the normal valor for participated in the crucible. Get grinding Guardians!

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