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Xur Location Feburary 1st 2019, Where is Xur Today, Xur Stock

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Xur Face Reveal!
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What's up guys? This week, from February 1st to the 3rd Xur will be located on Earth/ the EDZ. He's over on the Winding Cove. Take the fast travel there, Xur is located on the cliff edge where is watches the fallen.  Today xur has Huckleberry, An Insurmountable Skullfort, Stomp-EE5 and Claws of Ahamkara. He also has is Fated Engram as usual, i got..... Vesper Of Radius again....2 weeks in a row. Thanks Xur, Thanks Fated Engram, Thanks Bungie.

Where is Xur
Xur Today
Xur Location
Xur Feb 1
Xur Feb 2019
Xur this week

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