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DESTINY 2 - Xur Location Janurary 18th 2019, Xur Inventory

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Xur Face Reveal!
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Full Quest Guide for Izanagi's Burden

Xur location January 18th 2019

What's up guys?! This week, Xur is over on Io. Take the fast travel to Giant's Scar. When you're there, take the path into the large open area, on the left side - Xur can be found in a cave. What he's got is Vigilance Wing, Orpheus Rig, Hallowfire Heart, Verity's Brown and of course the Fated Engram. I got Skyburner's Oath from my fated engram.

Xur Location
Xur Today
Xur 2019
Xur Jan 18 2019

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