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DESTINY 2 - Xur Location January 4th 2019, Upcoming Niobe Labs

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Xur's Face Reveal!
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What's up guys?! Today January the 4th, Xur is back and hes on the EDZ. Located in the Winding Cove, Xur will be available for a few more days. He carrying Gravitron Lance, Celestial Nighthawk, Dunemarchers, Sanguine Alchemy and of course the Fated Engram. I get the Prospector from Xur for my Fated Engram.

This upcoming Tuesday, January the 8th, Niobe Labs or at least an event leading up to the opening of Niobe Labs will be come available. Destiny and Bungie have been secretive of what exactly is going to happen but we can assume there Exotic Quest line for the remaining Black Armory Weapons will also be revealed. The Mysterious Box will hopefully have it's last key found. Wonder whats inside?

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