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#destiny #destiny2 #whereisxur

Whats up guys, today September 6th Xur is back and he's on Earth. Take the fast tavel point to the Winding Cove and he's at his usual lurker spot. Xur has a few things in store for us, the weapon is Lord of Wolves. Suprising....right after it's nerffed. I see what you did there, good one Bungie. 

For armor, Xur has Lion Rampant for the Titans. Sunbracers for the Warlocks and Gemini Jester for the Hunters. I was using my Titan at the time and of course, had to grab that fated engram too. I got Kepri's Horn......great. Everyone uses Kepri's Horn right??!

Where is xur today?
Wheer is xur september 6
Xur location

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